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January 15, 2009


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Michelle Riggen-Ransom

That's very cool, loved hearing your words with the x-rays. Personalizes the clinical in a way that makes it easy to relate to. Thanks you for sharing, hope to have a chance to check it out at the Museum of Science!

Saul Kaplan

Alicia The exhibit is awesome and so are you for sharing your compelling story. Through education efforts like yours lives can and will be saved.


Alicia, thank you for sharing this with us. I feel so lucky to have met you while in Boston. You truly are an inspiration to the rest of us. Congratulations on having your exhibit at the Museum - I'm sure that could not have been an easy task. I hope your story reminds every woman out there how important mammograms are and how early detection makes a difference.


I will check this out the next time we're at the museum. I hope many people learn from your story. It's amazing to think that your willingness to share could save lives.

Lance Armstrong Foundation

Thank you for making a video that explains the process. The emotional impact can be lessened when people know what to expect and therefore prepare for what's next. Thanks again for your insite. I will share with others.

Seth Simonds

Thanks for sharing this! I'll be sure to check out the exhibit next time I'm there. You are such a brave lady!


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